Web Designing MCQ with Answers

Web Designing MCQ with Answers

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  • 17th Jan, 2023

Web Designing MCQ with Answers

Following are mostly asked Web designing with answers MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Web designing with answers online test before appearing to you real interview. This Web designing with answers quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Web designing with answers with four options.

1) What is the full form of HTML?

  • A. Hypertext Markup Language
  • B. Htmltext Markup Language
  • C. Hightext Markup Language
  • D. None of the above

2) How can you make a bulleted list on the website?

  • A. <ol>
  • B. <ul>
  • C. <tr>
  • D. <li>

3) Which of the following tag is used for inserting line-break

  • A. </p>
  • B. </li>
  • C. <br>
  • D. <li>

4) which html tag can be used to make the text bold?

  • A. <bold> tag
  • B. <b> tag
  • C. <strong> tag
  • D. All of above

5) How to create hyperlink in HTML

  • A. <a name=”http://objectivebooks.com.com”> Objective Books </a>
  • B. <http://objectivebooks.com.com</a>
  • C. <a href=”http://objectivebooks.com”>Objective Books</a>
  • D. url=”http://objectivebooks.com.com”> Objective Books

6) What do you use this
tag for?

  • A. Creating a Numbered list
  • B. Creating a Table
  • C. Creating a Paragraph
  • D. Creating a Button

7) which tag is used to scroll text in html?

  • A. <scroll> HTML element
  • B. <round> HTML element
  • C. <marquee> HTML element
  • D. <page scroll > HTML element

8) What is a homepage in a website?

  • A. An index of encyclopedia articles
  • B. Where all Internet data is stored
  • C. The first page of a website
  • D. Required for access to the Internet

9) Which of the following protocol is used for WWW?

  • A. File Transfer Protocol
  • B. Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • C. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • D. Transmission Control Protocol

10) What is the role of SMTP?

  • A. Simple Mail Transfer between servers
  • B. Sharing the communication rules
  • C. Set up communication rules between servers
  • D. None of these

11) What is the complete form of W3C?

  • A. World Wide Web Consul
  • B. World Wide Web Code
  • C. World Wide Web Consortium
  • D. World Wide Web Command

12) What is the domain used for non-profitable organizations?

  • A. .org
  • B. .com
  • C. .gov
  • D. .info

13) “Yahoo”, “Infoseek” and “Lycos” are _________?

  • A. browsers.
  • B. news groups.
  • C. search engines.
  • D. Both a & b

14) Java Script is a ___________ language

  • A. Assembly language
  • B. High level
  • C. Object-Oriented
  • D. Object-Based

15) What is the right syntax of doctype in HTML5?

  • A. <doctype html>
  • B. <!doctype html>
  • C. </doctype html>
  • D. <doctype html!>

16) Who is the father of WWW ( World Wide Web )?

  • A. Tim Berners-Lee
  • B. Tim Thompson
  • C. Charles Darwin
  • D. Robert Cailliau

Web Designing With Answers Online Test Questions (Web Designing With Answers FAQs)

1) What is Web Designing?

Web designing is the process of enhancing the attractiveness, usability, and accessibility of the website. An attractive website will generate more leads than an unattractive website. 

2) Why web designing is important?

3) What are the web designing tools?

4) What are the web designing tools?

5) What are the different types of website?

6) What is responsive website?

7) What are the major difference between HTML elements & tags?

8) What are the uses of HTML frames in web designing?

9) How can we integrate CSS on web pages?

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