Typescript Interview Questions

Typescript Interview Questions

  • Aniaya Murthy
  • 07th Jun, 2022

About TypeScript

TypeScript is a free and open source language we know very well which is developed by Microsoft technologies . It was released on years of 2012 for first time. So initially when it was released it was only supporting for Visual studio framework that means only for windows Operating System. But later it was supported for all other Operating System like Mac Linux etc. Typescript is an optional static kind Superset of Javascript and it compiles into plain Javascript by Typescript compiler. So on the whole TypeScript code get compiled by the TypeScript compiler. The name of the TypeScript compiler is also tsc. TypeScript can be used for a big complex project and to make it more maintainable, modular and readable as well. It provides the features like Polymorphisim, Inheritance Interface etc like other object oriented programming languages.

Typescript Interview Questions

1) What is Typescript?

2) Typescript is developed by whom?

3) Enlist few features of Typescript?

4) What are Types in TypeScript?

5) What is Type assertions in TypeScript?

6) List the built-in types available in Typescript?

7) What are Modules in Typescript?

8) What is Compilation Context in TypeScript?

9) What is a Generic Class?

10) Explain the difference between Relative and Non-relative module imports.

11) What is Triple-Slash Directive in TypeScript?

12) What is JSX?

13) What is namespace in Typescript? How to declare a namespace in Typescript?

14) What are Decorators in Typescript?

15) What is default visibility for properties/methods in Typescript classes?

16) What are variables in Typescript? How to create a variable in Typescript?

17) How to compile a Typescript file?

18) How to compile multiple Typescript files into a single file?

19) What are Closures in Typescript?

20) What is getters/setters in TypeScript?

21) What are Mixins in TypeScript?

22) What is TypeScript Definition Manager and why it used?

23) What is tsconfig.json file?

24) Explain generics in TypeScript?

25) What are Ambients in TypeScripts

26) What is "as" syntax in TypeScript?

27) What is Declaration Merging in TypeScript?

28) What is Lambda/Arrow function?

29) How could you check null and undefined in TypeScript?

30) What is a TypeScript Map file?

Map files in Typescript are source map files that let tools map between the emitted JavaScript code and the TypeScript source files that created it. Many debuggers (e.g. Visual Studio or Chrome's dev tools) can consume these files so you can debug the TypeScript file instead of the JavaScript file.

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