Software Engineering Interview Questions

Software Engineering Interview Questions

  • Aarush Shukla
  • 22nd Jan, 2023

Software Engineering Interview Questions

1) What is software engineering?

2) List different phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

3) What programming languages you have used?

4) List important categories of software?

5) What is Re-engineering in Software?

6) What are different SDLC models available?

7) DO you know AJAX? List some of its advantages.

8) What is black box Software testing?

9) What is feasibility study?

10) List different methods to gather project requirements?

11) What is modularization in Software?

12) What is DFD?

13) What is ER-Diagram?

14) What are various types of software maintenance?

15) How to prepare risk report?

16) What is functional programming?

Functional programming is a programming paradigm, meaning that it is a way of thinking about software construction based on some fundamental, defining principles (listed above). Other examples of programming paradigms include object oriented programming and procedural programming.

17) What is feasibility study?

18) What is Cohesion and Coupling?

19) What is SRS?

20) List some limitation of RAD Model?

21) What is Software Prototyping? List its benifits?

22) What is Smoke Testing?

23) What is baseline?

A baseline is milestone and reference point in software development that is marked by completion or delivery of one or more software configuration items and formal approval of set of predefined products is obtained through formal technical review.

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