Sinatra Framework Interview Questions

Sinatra framework interview questions

  • Kanak Singh
  • 17th Jun, 2022

Sinatra is a web application framework for quickly building applications in Ruby. Sinatra is a domain-specific language or DSL which means it is designed from the ground up to make applications with negligible efforts. It is written in Ruby and is an alternative to Ruby web application frameworks such as Ruby on Merb, Nitro, Rails, and Camping. Sinatra is a Rack-based web appl framework. The Rack is a very well-known Ruby web server interface. It is used by many frameworks, like Ruby on Rails, intended for example, and supports a lot of web servers, like Thin, Puma, or WEBrick, Sinatra provides a minimal interface intended for writing website applications in Ruby, and one of its largely compelling features is support for middleware components.

Sinatra Framework Interview Questions

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