Sencha Interview Questions

Sencha Touch Interview Questions

  • Advik Mishra
  • 17th Apr, 2021

About Sencha

Sencha is the mostly comprehensive JavaScript framework for building cross-platform data-intensive website and mobile applications intended for any modern device. Sencha is a web application and mobile application framework that helps to build mobile cross-platform applications. It bases on HTML5, CSS3, and the JavaScript language. Sencha is an organisation which has created Ext JS framework (a java-script application framework). It allows you to develop mobile applications that would have the same look and feel as a native application. The Sencha framework is a little brother of Ext JS. They both have the same maker, Sencha, and they both are building on the same set of core classes. Sencha is the mainly comprehensive JavaScript framework for built cross-platform, data-intensive, website and mobile applications for any modern device.

Sencha Interview Questions

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