PolymerJs Interview Questions

Polymer Interview Questions

  • Aniaya Murthy
  • 20th Jun, 2022

About Polymer.js

Polymer.js is an open-source JavaScript library and it is a product from Google. It is developed keeping in mind to allow reusing the HTML elements for building web applications with multiple components. Polymer.js facilitates you to create your own customized elements easily using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for adding interactions to the particular element. Polymer.js provides a Polymer-like command-line interface to manage and handle projects from simple components to complicated and complex web applications. Polymer.js also supports cross-browser compatibility. Polymer.js also supports gesture events and tracking so it is a good choice to develop mobile and computer applications. The custom elements of Polymer.js are distributed across the network and facilitate users to use these elements with the help of HTML Imports.

PolymerJs Interview Questions

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