Passive Filters MCQ

Passive Filters MCQ

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  • 07th Apr, 2022

Passive Filters MCQ Test

Following are mostly asked Passive filters MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Passive filters online test before appearing to you real interview. This Passive filters quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Passive filters with four options.

1) Critical frequencies are also called -3 dB frequencies.

  • A. False
  • B. True

2) A band-pass filter rejects all frequencies within a band between a lower and an upper critical frequency and passes all others.

  • A. False
  • B. True

3) Which one of the amongst is not a type of Passive filter?

  • A. Band Pass Filters
  • B. Low Pass Filters
  • C. High Pass Filters
  • D. Band Stop/Power Filters

4) What is a filter?

  • A. Frequency selective circuit
  • B. Frequency damping circuit
  • C. Amplitude damping circuit
  • D. Amplitude selective circuit

5) The attenuation rate is also called?

  • A. Roll in
  • B. Roll off
  • C. Ripple
  • D. Envelope delay
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6) Passive filters are made up of ____.

  • A. latest components
  • B. active components
  • C. passive components
  • D. None of the above

7) In an RL high-pass filter, the output is taken across the inductor and the output leads the input.

  • A. False
  • B. True

8) The same signal in Problem 2 is applied to an RC high-pass filter. If the reactance is zero at the input frequency, the output voltage is........

  • A. Zero
  • B. 18 V peak-to-peak
  • C. 9 V peak-to-peak
  • D. 12.73 V peak-to-peak

9) At a certain frequency, the output voltage of a filter is 6 V and the input is 12 V. The voltage ratio in decibels is....

  • A. -6.02 dB
  • B. 6.02 dB
  • C. 12.04 dB
  • D. -12.04 dB

10) The maximum output voltage of a certain low-pass filter is 15 V. The output voltage at the critical frequency is.........

  • A. 10.60 V
  • B. 15 V
  • C. 0 V
  • D. 21.21 V

11) An RL high-pass filter consists of a 470 Ω resistor and a 600 mH coil. The output is taken across the coil. The circuit's critical frequency is..........

  • A. 125 Hz
  • B. 1,250 Hz
  • C. 125 Hz
  • D. 5,644 Hz

12) In a certain low-pass filter, fc = 3.5 kHz. Its pass-band is...............

  • A. 0 Hz
  • B. 7 kHz
  • C. 3.5 kHz
  • D. 0 Hz to 3.5 kHz

13) The roll-off rate of a basic RC or RL filter is 20 dB per decade..........

  • A. False
  • B. True

14) In a certain parallel resonant band-pass filter, the resonant frequency is 14 kHz. If the bandwidth is 4 kHz, the lower frequency.........

  • A. Is 12 kHz
  • B. Is 10 kHz
  • C. Is 7 kHz
  • D. Cannot be determined

15) In an RL high-pass filter, the output is taken across the inductor and the output leads the input.

  • A. False
  • B. True

16) The output voltage is 63.3% of its maximum at the critical frequencies.

  • A. False
  • B. True

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