Operating System

Operating System Interview Questions

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  • 17th Apr, 2021

Operating System Interview Questions

1. Linux

2. Unix

About Unix

Unix is a multiuser operating system which is aids in multitasking which is had constant development since the 1970s. It was developed by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and others in the Bell Labs research center. In Unix, a unified filesystem forms the main mode of communication. The simple tool provided by Unix performs a limited and well-defined function. Unix has a modular design and uses a shell scripting and command language to integrate the various tools of the operating system for an uninterrupted workflow. Unix is written mostly in C programing language and formed the first portable operating system to reach many platforms.

3. Ubuntu

4. Redhat Linux

5. Windows

6. Mac Os

7. Ms Dos

8. Solaris

9. Centos

10. Chrome Os

11. Fedora

12. Google Fuchsia