OpenCart Interview Questions

OpenCart Interview Questions For Beginners

  • Priyag Chaudhary
  • 21st Jan, 2023

About Opencart

Opencart is a PHP-based free online store management system used for creating e-commerce websites. It is developed by OpenCart Ltd in 2010 and is purely written in PHP. If you are looking for Opencart resources to crack an interview on Opencart then you can visit on following links.

OpenCart Interview Questions

1) What is Opencart?

OpenCart is an open-source, free shopping cart system based on PHP. It is an e-commerce platform for online merchants that offers you tools to create and launch an e-commerce store.

2) Enlist some features of OpenCart?

Some of the features of OpenCart are:

  • Automatic Image Resizing.
  • Multiple Tax Rates.
  • Related Products.
  • Unlimited Information Pages.
  • Shipping Weight Calculation.
  • Discount Coupon System.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Module System.

3) List some shipping methods supported by OpenCart?

Some of the shipping methods supported by OpenCart are:

  • Free Shipping
  • Flat Rate Shipping
  • Pickup From Store

4) What is Ocmod in opencart?

OCMOD is a virtual file modification i.e. simpler version of the vQmod system built especially for OpenCart.

5) What are extensions in Opencart?

In OpenCart Extensions are add-on programs that provide extra functionality to your website and can be used for customizing the store.

6) List a few payment options available in opencart?

Payment options available in opencart are Alipay Pay, Amazon Pay, Bank Transfer, CardConnect, eWAY Payment, PayPal Payments Standard, Payza, etc.

7) What is Opencart Cloud?

OpenCart Cloud is a cloud-based e-commerce solution hosted on AWS servers that are built for every type of business.

8) What are Modules in Opencart?

OpenCart modules are analogous to add-ons, plugins, or extensions in other content management systems such that it gives us the ability to extend its functionality without having to edit the application's files.

9) What is the information page module in Opencart?

Information Page Module shows the HTML content of an Information page inside a module, therefore you can display it anywhere on your Opencart site.

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