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MYSQL MCQ Questions and Answers

Following are mostly asked Mysql MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Mysql online test before appearing to you real interview. This Mysql quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Mysql with four options.

1) Which of the following is not supported by mysql?

  • A. Table Joining
  • B. Stored Procedures
  • C. Temporary (Hash) Tables
  • D. Regular Expression Matching

2) Which of the following is available in mysql?


3) Commands passed to the mysql daemon are written in ..............

  • A. Swedish
  • B. English
  • C. SQL Language
  • D. None of Above

4) Which Of These Commands Will Delete A Table Called XXX If You Have Appropriate Authority?

  • C. DROP XXX WHERE Confirm = "YES"
  • D. DELETE XXX WHERE Confirm = "YES"

5) If you want to undo a grant you should use ............

  • A. UNDO
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6) The program called mysql is ................

  • A. The Database Engine
  • B. There Isn't A Program Just Called Mysql
  • C. A Client Program That Lets You Send SQL Commands To The Database Engine
  • D. None of Above

7) The father of mysql is ...........

  • A. Bill Joy
  • B. Bill Gates
  • C. Stephanie Wall
  • D. Michael Widenius

8) What kind of replication is supported by the mysql server?

  • A. Multiple-master Replication
  • B. Single File Based Clustering
  • C. Master To Slave Replication
  • D. MySQL Doesn't Support Replication

9) Which of these is not a valid name for a column?

  • A. To
  • B. Far
  • C. From
  • D. Near

10) Which of these commands will delete a table called xyz

  • C. DELETE XYZ WHERE Confirm = "YES"
  • D. DROP XYZ WHERE Confirm = "YES"

11) To use mysql on your computer you will need ................

  • A. A Browser
  • B. FTP And Telnet
  • C. Perl, PHP Or Java
  • D. Some Sort Of Client Program To Access The Databases

12) MYSQL comes with as standard with client libraries for

  • A. C Only
  • B. Java And C
  • C. Java Only
  • D. Perl, PHP And C

13) Which of the following is true about mysql?

  • A. Easy to use
  • B. Scalable
  • C. High Flexibility
  • D. All of the above

14) Which among the following have the maximum bytes?

  • A. Char
  • B. Text Type
  • C. Varchar
  • D. Both Varchar And Char

15) Which of the following is used to delete an entire mysql database?

  • A. mysql_drop_db
  • B. mysql_drop_dbase
  • C. mysql_drop_entiredb
  • D. mysql_drop_database

16) The main mysql program that does all the data handling is called

  • A. Httpd
  • B. Mysql
  • C. Mysqld
  • D. Mysql.exe

17) Which one is the correct declaration for choosing the character set other than default?

  • A. Varchar(20);
  • B. Varchar(20) Character Set;
  • C. Varchar(20) Character Set Utf8;
  • D. None of Above

18) How much character are allowed to create database name?

  • A. 72
  • B. 64
  • C. 55
  • D. 40

19) MySQL is .................

  • A. A Programming language
  • B. A technique for writing reliable programs
  • C. A Relational Database Management System
  • D. None of Above

20) The maximum length of the char columns is .................

  • A. 256 Bytes
  • B. 255 Bytes
  • C. 65, 535 Bytes
  • D. None of Above

21) You are required to buy a licence for mysql if ..............

  • A. you use it for longer than 30 days
  • B. You use it on a publicly accessible site
  • C. You incorporate it into a product that you sell
  • D. You are never required to buy a license

22) Which of these field types would be best to hold a .jpg image?

  • A. text
  • B. blob
  • C. nchar binary
  • D. char binary

23) Does MySQL support the complete SQL99 standard?

  • A. Yes
  • B. No

24) MySQL runs on which operating systems?

  • A. Unix And Linux Only
  • B. Linux And Mac OS-X Only
  • C. Unix, Linux, Windows And Others
  • D. None of Above

25) Which of the following is NOT available in MySQL?

  • A. LIKE
  • B. JOIN
  • C. FETCH

26) Which "text Type" Has The Maximum Number Of Bytes?

  • A. Text
  • B. Tiny Text
  • C. Long Text
  • D. Medium Text

27) In a like clause, you can ask for any 6 letter value by writing

  • A. LIKE .{6}
  • B. LIKE ^.{6}$
  • C. LIKE ??????
  • D. LIKE ______ (that's Six Underscore Characters)

28) Which Declaration Doesn't Use The Same Number Of Bytes And Consumption Of Bytes Depends On The Input Data?

  • A. Char
  • B. Varchar
  • C. Both Varchar And Char
  • D. None of Above

29) Which data type is more suitable for storing “small notes” in Mysql?

  • A. Char
  • B. Varchar
  • C. Longtext
  • D. Mediumtext

30) “Numeric Data” is used to store ____________

  • A. Whole numbers
  • B. Natural numbers
  • C. Rational numbers
  • D. Both Whole and Natural numbers

31) An attempt to add null key to a TreeMap will result in .............

  • A. Error
  • B. Compile time Exception
  • C. Runtime - NullPointerException
  • D. None of These

32) What is the return type of the hashcode() method in the object class?

  • A. int
  • B. long
  • C. void
  • D. Object

33) .............. is used to find and fix bugs in the java programs.

  • A. JVM
  • B. JDK
  • C. JRE
  • D. JDB

34) Which of the following is a valid long literal?

  • A. 904423
  • B. L990023
  • C. ABH8097
  • D. 0xnf029L

35) Which of the following is not a Java features?

  • A. Dynamic
  • B. Object-oriented
  • C. Use of pointers
  • D. Architecture Neutral

36) Which of the following services are provided to EJB components by the EJB container?

  • A. Naming support
  • B. Transaction support
  • C. Persistence support
  • D. All of the above

37) Which of the following method is used to change the name of a thread?

  • A. public void getName()
  • B. public String getName()
  • C. public void setName(String name)
  • D. public String setName(String name)

38) How many reserved keywords are currently defined in the Java language?

  • A. 49
  • B. 50
  • C. 47
  • D. 48

39) What does JMS stands for?

  • A. Java Monitor Service
  • B. Java Monitor Session
  • C. Java Message Service
  • D. Java Message Session

40) Is Java Virtual Machine platform independent?

  • A. Yes
  • B. No

41) Which of the following is a superclass of all exception classes?

  • A. Exception
  • B. Throwable
  • C. IOException
  • D. RuntimeException

42) Which of the following package is used for Remote Method Invocation (RMI)?

  • A. java.rmi
  • B. java.applet
  • C. java.lang.rmi
  • D. java.lang.reflect

43) Which method of object class can clone an object?

  • A. copy()
  • B. Clone()
  • C. Objectclone()
  • D. Objectcopy()

44) Which of the following data type value is returned by all transcendental math functions?

  • A. int
  • B. float
  • C. long
  • D. double

Mysql Online Test Questions (Mysql FAQs)

1) What are Heap tables?

A heap is a table without a clustered index. Data is stored in the heap without specifying an order i.e. if a new row is inserted then it can't be stated that where the pages will be written or what will be the order.

2) How are identifiers quoted in mysql?

An identifier can be quoted within the backtick characters (`). While quoting identifier names we can't use single or double-quotes.

3) What is the role of constraints in defining a table in mysql?

CONSTRAINT is used to define rules to allow or restrict what values can be stored in columns it enforces the integrity of a database and limit the type of data that can be inserted into a table.

4) Where is metadata stored in mysql?

Metadata is stored in the MYSQL "database MySQL".

5) What kind of replication is supported by the mysql server?

One-way, asynchronous replication is supported by the MySQL server. In this one server act as sources while others act as replicas.

6) Who is the father of mysql?

Monty Widenius is known as the father of MySQL.

7) What is MySQL workbench?

MySQL Workbench is a unified visual tool for database architects, developers, and DBAs. MySQL Workbench provides data modeling, SQL development, and comprehensive administration tools for server configuration, user administration, backup, and much more.

8) What is -secure-file-priv option in Mysql?

secure-file-priv is used to limit the data import and export operations.

9) What does myisamchk do?

The myisamchk utility gets information about your database tables or checks, repairs, or optimizes them. myisamchk works with MyISAM tables.

10) What are federated tables?

A Federated Table is a table that points to a table in another MySQL database instance. It gives us to access to data from other MySQL databases without using replication or cluster technology.

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