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Matlab MCQ

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Matlab MCQ Quiz

Following are mostly asked Matlab MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Matlab online test before appearing to you real interview. This Matlab quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Matlab with four options.

1) What is matlab?

  • A. Programming platform
  • B. Operating System
  • C. Mobile Os
  • D. First Computer

2) Which is the invalid variable name in matlab?

  • A. x6
  • B. n_factorial
  • C. 6x
  • D. lastValue

3) Which of the following command lists the current variable in Matlab?

  • A. who
  • B. which
  • C. Type
  • D. PWD

4) Is gravity is a pre-defined variable in matlab?

  • A. Yes
  • B. No

5) Which of the following is not a pre-defined variable in Matlab?

  • A. pi
  • B. inf
  • C. i
  • D. gravity
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6) In Matlab, (.*) is used for ___.

  • A. multiplying two Arrays
  • B. adding two Arrays
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. None of the above

7) What is the use of abs function in Matlab?

  • A. returns the square root of number.
  • B. returns magnitude of a number.
  • C. returns power of number
  • D. None of these

8) Matlab command clear x y is used for?

  • A. for clearing only variables x and y
  • B. for clearing only variables x, y and z
  • C. for clearing all variables
  • D. None of the above

9) What is the correct way to add comments in Matlab?

  • A. use of / symbol
  • B. use of * symbol
  • C. use of $ symbol
  • D. use of % symbol

10) Which of the following calculations in Matlab would return the value 1?

  • A. 2/2*1
  • B. 1+4/5
  • C. 3^2/3*3
  • D. None of the above

11) What symbol precedes all comments in Matlab?

  • A. %
  • B. $
  • C. @
  • D. None of the above

12) Matlab stands for __.

  • A. Matrix laboratory
  • B. Matrix line
  • C. Multi laboratory
  • D. None of the above

13) Index of an Array in Matlab starts with __.

  • A. One
  • B. zero
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. All of the above

14) What is the return type of angles function in Matlab?

  • A. Degrees
  • B. Radians
  • C. Radians & Degrees
  • D. Depends on the argument

15) What will be the output of atan2(-1 1) in Matlab?

  • A. -π/4
  • B. -2π/4
  • C. -π/2
  • D. All of the above

16) Which class in Matlab is used to store the complex number?

  • A. Complex
  • B. Double
  • C. Character
  • D. None of the above

17) __ is used to check if two elements are equal in Matlab?

  • A. !=
  • B. ==
  • C. isequal
  • D. =

18) Which command in Matlab gives list of user-created variables with dimensions?

  • A. who -file filename
  • B. who global
  • C. who
  • D. None of the above

19) Which data type is not available in Matlab?

  • A. ilaplace
  • B. int16
  • C. int32
  • D. All of the above

20) What does the command clc do in Matlab?

  • A. Clear all text from the Command Window.
  • B. Shows all text on the Command Window.
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. None of the above

21) Which function is used to displays the value of the variable in Matlab?

  • A. disp(var_name)
  • B. dis(var_name)
  • C. abs(var_name)
  • D. None of the above

22) Can we have multiple 3D plots in Matlab?

  • A. Yes
  • B. No

23) MATLAB stands for

  • A. Mat laboratory
  • B. Maths laboratory
  • C. Matrix laboratory
  • D. None of these

24) The command to delete the 3rd column of matrix A is

  • A. A(:,3)=0
  • B. A(:,3)=[ ]
  • C. A(3,:)=[ ]
  • D. None of the above

25) The matlab command to find 2^2(two square)is

  • A. 2*2
  • B. 2^2
  • C. 2+2
  • D. 2/2

26) The fundamental data type of matlab is____

  • A. Array
  • B. Vector
  • C. Matrix
  • D. Scalar

27) What is the result of this command ( 3 ^ 2 * 3 ^ 2 )

  • A. 216
  • B. 81
  • C. 36
  • D. 6

28) Which command in MATLAB performs matrix operation on elements?

  • A. a’
  • B. a_4
  • C. a^3
  • D. a.*b

29) Satvik wish to get the scalar value of the number of the element in the vector . What should he prefer ?

  • A. length()
  • B. size()
  • C. Anyone of size() or length()
  • D. Don't know

30) The ' operator in Matlab is used to get

  • A. Complement of the Vector
  • B. Transpose of the Vector
  • C. Find min of the vector
  • D. Find max of the vector

31) What does 'b" represent in y=mx=b

  • A. y-intercept
  • B. macaroni
  • C. slope
  • D. nothing

Matlab Online Test Questions (Matlab FAQs)

1) What is matlab?

MATLAB is a mostly used programming platform that provides a range of applications based on computational mathematics. It is used in analyzing data, developing algorithms, and creating models.

2) What are the features of matlab?

The features of MATLAB are:

  • High-Level Language
  • Interactive Environment
  • Handling Graphics
  • Mathematical Functions Library
  • Application Program Interface (API)
  • Accessing Data
  • Interfacing with Other Languages

3) Can we have multiple 3d plots in matlab?

Yes, we can have multiple 3d plots in Matlab.

4) What is the use of abs function in matlab?

abs() function is used to return absolute value in MATLAB. It can be represented as: Y = abs(X).

5) What is Get and Set in MATLAB?

get() function is used to return all the default values currently defined in an array whose field names are the object property names and whose field values are the corresponding property values.

set() function is used to specify multiple property values in a structured array whose field names are the object property names and whose field values are the corresponding property values.

6) What is difference between MIL and SIL?

MIL stands for Model In the Loop, in this, the whole system is modeled in order to verify and test the accuracy and acceptability of the application before prototype manufacturing.

SIL stands for Software In the Loop, it is basically used to test and validate the integration of source code into a mathematical model simulation.

7) How polynomials can be represented in MatLab?

Polynomials can be represented in MatLab by putting the value of coefficients in the array in descending order. For example 2x3 − 6x2 − 7x + 25 is represented as [2, -6, -7, 25].

8) How to open SIMULINK in MATLAB ?

We can open SIMULINK in MATLAB by performing the following steps:

  • On the MATLAB toolstrip, on the Home tab, click Simulink.
  • On the Simulink Start Page, select a recent model or project from the list, or click Open.
  • In the Simulink Toolstrip, on the Simulation tab, select Open and click Recent Files to open recent files or Open to search for a model.

9) What are MEX files in MATLAB?

A MEX file is a function, created in MATLAB used to call a C/C++ program or a Fortran subroutine. A MEX function behaves just like a MATLAB script or function. To call a MEX function, we can use the name of the MEX file, without the file extension.

10) What is MatLab API?

MatLab API is a type of library that provides a way for running applications outside MATLAB used for reading and writing the important Mat files and calling Matlab as the computational engine.

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