Marionette js Interview Questions

Marionette js Interview Questions & Answers

  • Prashant Bhusan
  • 17th Jun, 2022

About Marionette.js

Marionette.js is a one of the JavaScript library available with a RESTful JSON interface is the unique thing in this JavaScript library and follows the Model–view–presenter application design paradigm. Marionette handles the boilerplate code, letting you focus and develop on your application's specifics solutions. Develop a complete Marionette.js application with the help of this document, and you'll be comfortable with the library (whether you're new to web apps, or looking to quickly master yet another framework).Luckily, Backbone.js, another JavaScript library came to the rescue which was later accompanied and maintained with Marionette.js. One of the difficulties with the documentation is that existed was trying to visualize the handful of useful views Marionette.js provides.

Marionette js Interview Questions

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