Fiber Optics MCQ

Fiber Optics MCQ

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Fiber Optic MCQ Questions

Following are mostly asked Fiber optics MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Fiber optics online test before appearing to you real interview. This Fiber optics quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Fiber optics with four options.

1) Data signal with minimum error is generated by which among the following

  • A. Signal processing circuits
  • B. Photodiode
  • C. None of the above
  • D. Linear circuitry

2) Who is Founder of the wave theory of light

  • A. Francesco Grimaldi
  • B. Edward Appleton
  • C. James Clerk Maxwell
  • D. Christian Huygens

3) Proposed the use of clad glass fiber as a dielectric waveguide

  • A. Karpon and Keck
  • B. Kao and Keck
  • C. Karpon and Bockham
  • D. Bockham and Kao

4) Developed the first laser

  • A. Charles Townes
  • B. Gordon McKenzie
  • C. Albert Einstein
  • D. Theodore Maiman

5) The band of light wavelengths that are too long to be seen by the human eye

  • A. Amber
  • B. Visible
  • C. Ultraviolet
  • D. Infrared
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6) Which color has the shortest wavelength of light?

  • A. Yellow
  • B. Red
  • C. Green
  • D. Blue

7) What generates a light beam of a specific visible frequency?

  • A. Maser
  • B. Infrared
  • C. Flashlight
  • D. Laser

8) Which of the following materials is sensitive to light?

  • A. Photosensitive
  • B. Light Sensitive
  • C. Maser
  • D. Photoresist

9) The core of an optical fiber has a

  • A. Lower refracted index than air
  • B. Lower refractive index than the cladding
  • C. Similar refractive index with the cladding
  • D. Higher refractive index than the cladding

10) Is the different angle of entry of light into an optical fiber when the diameter of the core is many times the wavelength of the light transmitted.

  • A. Sensors
  • B. Acceptance angle
  • C. Aperture
  • D. Modes

11) The loss in signal power as light travels down a fiber is called

  • A. Scattering
  • B. Dispersion
  • C. Absorption
  • D. Attenuation

12) The bandwidth of optical fiber

  • A. 900M Hz
  • B. 900 EHz
  • C. 900 PHz
  • D. 900 THz

13) If a mirror is used to reflect light, the reflected light angle is ____ as the incident angle

  • A. Smaller
  • B. Larger
  • C. Independent
  • D. The same

14) What is a specific path the light takes in an optical fiber corresponding to a certain angle and number of reflection

  • A. Grade
  • B. Dispersion
  • C. Numerical Aperture
  • D. Mode

15) Is the width of the range of wavelengths emitted by the light source

  • A. Beamwidth
  • B. Bandwidth
  • C. Chromatic Dispersion
  • D. Spectral width

16) Which theory states that the light wave behaves as if it consists of many tiny particles?

  • A. Nyquist theory
  • B. Wave theory of light
  • C. Huygen?s theory
  • D. Quantum theory

17) Fiber optic cables operate at frequencies near

  • A. 2G Hz
  • B. 200 MHz
  • C. 20 MHz
  • D. 800 THz

18) When a beam of light enters one medium from another, which quantity will not change?

  • A. Direction
  • B. Speed
  • C. Wavelength
  • D. Frequency

19) Dispersion is used to describe the

  • A. Propagation of light in straight lines
  • B. Bending of a beam of light when it goes from one medium to another
  • C. Bending of a beam light when it strikes a mirror
  • D. Splitting of white light into its component colors

20) Luminance efficiency is minimum for a

  • A. Mercury vapor lamp
  • B. High wattage light bulb
  • C. Fluorescent tube
  • D. Low wattage light bulb

21) What is the principle of fibre optical communication?

  • A. Frequency modulation
  • B. Population inversion
  • C. Doppler Effect
  • D. Total internal reflection

22) What is the other name for a maximum external incident angle?

  • A. Refraction angle
  • B. Total internal reflection angle
  • C. Optical angle
  • D. Wave guide acceptance angle

23) A single mode fibre has low intermodal dispersion than multimode.

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

24) How does the refractive index vary in Graded Index fibre?

  • A. Tangentially
  • B. Longitudinally
  • C. Transversely
  • D. Radially

25) Which of the following has more distortion?

  • A. Single step-index fibre
  • B. Graded index fibre
  • C. Glass fibre
  • D. Multimode step-index fibre

26) In which of the following there is no distortion?

  • A. Multimode step-index fibre
  • B. Single step-index fibre
  • C. Glass fibre
  • D. Graded index fibre

27) Which of the following loss occurs inside the fibre?

  • A. Radiative loss
  • B. Absorption
  • C. Attenuation
  • D. Scattering

28) What causes microscopic bend?

  • A. Uniform volume
  • B. Non-uniform volume
  • C. Uniform pressure
  • D. Non-uniform pressure

29) When more than one mode is propagating, how is it dispersed?

  • A. Dispersion
  • B. Material dispersion
  • C. Waveguide dispersion
  • D. Inter-modal dispersion

30) A fibre optic telephone transmission can handle more than thousands of voice channels.

  • A. FALSE
  • B. TRUE

Fiber Optics Online Test Questions (Fiber Optics FAQs)

1) What is fibre optics?

Fiber optics is consists of thin transparent fiber wires generally made up of glass that is used to transmit data and information in the form of a digital signal.

2) What is the principle of fibre optical communication?

The fiber optics technology is based on the principle of TIR i.e. Total Internal Reflection.

3) Fiber optic cable operate at near to what frequencies?

Fiber optic cable transmits electromagnetic waves whose frequency ranges from 1014 to 1015 Hz.

4) Which type of fiber optic cable is most widely used?

The Standard Multimode Fiber optic cable is the most widely used fiber optic cable.

5) What is singlemode fiber?

The single-mode fiber optic is consists of a relatively small diametral core. It is used to propagate signals for log ranges that's why it allows only one mode of light to propagate through it.

6) What is a photodetector?

Photodetectors are commonly known as photosensors which are used to detect electromagnetic waves. It is consists of a P-N junction in order to convert light photon into the current.

7) What is a mechanical splice?

A mechanical splice is a device that is used to join two or more optical fibers and align them together such that the cables can transmit the signal without joining permanently.

8) Which type of fiber has the highest modal dispersion?

Modal dispersion depends on the length of the path i.e. the longer the path is, the higher the model dispersion will be. Step-index multimode has the highest modal dispersion.

9) Who invented fiber optics?

Charles Kuen Kao is known as the father of fiber optic communications but the first working fiber-optic data transmission system was invented by German physicist Manfred Börner.

10) What is the purpose of cladding in a fiber-optic cable?

Cladding is used to provide a lower refractive index to support the TIR principle such that the signal would be transmitted through the fiber.

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