Emberjs Interview Questions

Ember.js Interview Questions

  • Sanjeet Kumar
  • 17th Jun, 2021

About Ember.js

Ember.Js is a full-featured open source framework based on MVVM(Model-View-View-Model) pattern. Ember.js development services allow beautifully rendered dynamic SPAs. Ember JS is a scripting language of JavaScript based open source platform that uses MVVM (Model-View-View Model) to enable the development of single page applications (SPA). we can create simple yet sophisticated Ember.JS applications with extensive functionalities to deliver an enhanced user experience. Ember.JS being the one of the best JavaScript library to develop interactive and user friendly GUI (Graphical user interface), the current version of Ember.JS are 2.16 or 2.17 versions. These applications are in every sense a realization of clients’ business model and perfectly depict their brand value.

Emberjs Interview Questions

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