Django Interview Questions

Django Interview Questions and Answers

  • Pradeep Kumar
  • 04th Jun, 2022

About Django

Django is a one of the best web framework for Python that forces your code to be more simply maintained and has a little other perks. It helps keep your code extra maintainable by unravelling your Python code from your html by using an MVC (model, view, and controller) pattern. It is amongst the most popular web frameworks out there in the globe and it’s one of the largely used frameworks as well. It’s used by Youtube, Google, Instagram, and also NASA for their website. So let’s break it down even further to learn more about it. Django is an MVT web framework used to build web applications. It also defines as a “batteries included” website framework, with simplicity and robustness to help web developers write efficient, clean, and powerful code.

Django Interview Questions

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