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Devops MCQ Test

Following are mostly asked Devops MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Devops online test before appearing to you real interview. This Devops quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Devops with four options.

1) Which one of the following methodologies does least impact the establishment of Devops methodology?

  • A. gile Software Delivery
  • B. Waterfall Software Delivery
  • C. Lean Manufacturing
  • D. Continuous Software Delivery

2) In typical IT organization why is there a typical conflict between development and operations teams?

  • A. Because operations team knows more about test and production environments
  • B. Because they come from different backgrounds
  • C. Because they have conflicting business goals and priorities.
  • D. Because development team knows more about software products and services

3) Which one of the following techniques makes Devops a successful methodology to develop and deliver software?

  • A. DevOps enables you to create your software with built-in quality and monitoring
  • B. DevOps enables you to quickly identify, fix and learn from errors
  • C. DevOps enables you to organize your teams around your organizational mission
  • D. All of these

4) Which one of the following statements about Devops is incorrect?

  • A. DevOps is suitable for brownfield software products and services
  • B. Some of the most exemplary DevOps initiatives started in companies with giant and mature IT organizations
  • C. DevOps is suitable for greenfield software products and services
  • D. DevOps is only suitable for start-up companies

5) How does a Devops organization act in principle when it comes to financing its work?

  • A. It finances products and services to serve its clients
  • B. It finances development and operations teams separately, so they take care of their own business
  • C. It finances teams in matrix organizations and these teams are responsible for handling their own budgets
  • D. It finances special projects to serve its clients
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6) In a Devops organization which one of the following elements does not directly contribute to your value stream?

  • A. Clients
  • B. Errors, incidents and fixes
  • C. Devops team
  • D. Stakeholders of downstream work center

7) Why is it a good idea to limit batch size of your continuous Devops deliveries?

  • A. Potentially required rollbacks from your production systems will be less cumbersome
  • B. You will be quicker to identify root causes of issues and resolve them
  • C. By continuously delivering in production, your team will have the constant pride of contributing your organizational mission
  • D. All of the above

8) What is trunk in trunk based Devops delivery?

  • A. Trunk is a special private branch in a developer workstation
  • B. Trunk is the process of merging code in Devops deliveries
  • C. Developers collaborate on code in a single branch called trunk
  • D. Trunk is a special source code version controlling system which stores mission critical special projects of your Devops organization

9) Which one of the following is not one of the Devops principles for good test automation?

  • A. Never mix test driven development (TDD) together with your test automation approach
  • B. With your test automation, avoid slow and periodic feedback. What you need is fast feedback whenever you or your developer attempts to check-in code to your trunk
  • C. Test Automation should give quick and early feedback about your quality of work
  • D. Tests should generate consistent, deterministic and repeatable results provided same conditions for different test runs

10) Which one of following release patterns does not enable you to do low risk Devops code deployments in your production systems?

  • A. Blue-Green Deployment Pattern
  • B. Big bang code deployments of fully tested and validated releases
  • C. Canary Deployment Pattern
  • D. Cluster Immune System Release Pattern

11) What is one of best techniques to convert normal changes into standard changes?

  • A. Publicly complain about bureaucracy and make everyone be aware of it
  • B. Negotiate with release managers
  • C. Make sure normal changes are very carefully deployed to your production systems
  • D. Use your track record of successful automated deployments with standard changes

12) What is a widely used reusable asset to reinforce information security of deliver from your Devops team?

  • A. Handling the logging of sensitive client information
  • B. Data transfer between clients and software
  • C. Data storage systems
  • D. All of these

13) System Testing is a....

  • A. White box testing
  • B. Grey box testing
  • C. Black box testing
  • D. Both a and b

14) What is not one of major benefits of designing a safe system of work culture?

  • A. Problems are quickly resolved while they are small. Resolving problems will result in spontaneous construction of new organizational knowledge and experience
  • B. Leaders in your DevOps organization develop other leaders who create and continuously improve safe systems of work
  • C. DevOps team does no longer need to be careful and mindful to ensure quality
  • D. Complexity of your systems will be managed, so problems in designs and operations will be quickly detected

15) What is telemetry?

  • A. Telemetry is the process of recording the behaviour of your systems
  • B. Telemetry is a communication tool used by Devops teams at geographically distributed locations
  • C. Telemetry is a tool to design, code and execute automated unit tests
  • D. Telemetry is a widely known SaaS tool to plan and execute Devops projects

16) In terms of fixing errors in your production systems what is the major benefit of using feature toggles embedded in configurations of your software applications?

  • A. Your DevOps team can take time to properly identify root cause of an issue and improve their techniques to ensure such a problem will not likely happen again in the future
  • B. This is easiest way to fix a problem. It doesn’t require an urgent code deployment
  • C. You don’t have to very urgently correct erroneous pieces in your deployment
  • D. All of the above

17) What is a benefit of having Development and Operations using a shared tool?

  • A. This is a benefit that Development shares when doing pager rotation duties with Operations
  • B. With a unified backlog everyone prioritizes improvement projects from a global perspective, selecting work that has the highest value to the organization or has the most impact on reducing the technical debt
  • C. This is a benefit of automating and enabling low-risk releases
  • D. This is a benefit of embedding Operations engineers into our service teams

18) What is the difference between a System of Engagement (SoE) and a System of Records (SoR) in terms of pace of change?

  • A. SoE typically has a much higher pace of change than SoR
  • B. A common statement can be given. SoE typically has a much higher pace of change than SoR.
  • C. SoE typically has a much higher pace of change than SoR.
  • D. The pace of change for SoE is higher since it represents the user interface. Additionally, SoR is more complex to change

19) What are the useful plugins in Jenkin?

  • A. Amazon EC2
  • B. HTML Publisher
  • C. Maven 2 Project
  • D. All of the above

20) Which test must be performed first?

  • A. Automated Integration Test
  • B. Automated Component Test
  • C. Automated Unit Test
  • D. Automated API Test

21) Which is a characteristic of an architecture that enables productivity, test ability and safety?

  • A. Well-defined APIs
  • B. Loosely-defined interfaces
  • C. Tightly-coupled
  • D. none

22) Which is not one of those three layers?

  • A. Business Metrics
  • B. Operating System
  • C. Application
  • D. Business Logic

23) For which audience does self-service access telemetry add value?

  • A. Developers and operators only
  • B. Developers, operators and stakeholders only
  • C. Developers only
  • D. Developers, operators, stakeholders and customers

24) Which is a unique characteristic of the Hands-Off Readiness Review (HRR) and not of the Launch Readiness Review (LRR)?

  • A. HRR is self-reported by the product teams
  • B. HRR is signed off before any new service is made publicly available
  • C. HRR is far more stringent and has higher acceptance standards.
  • D. HRR is signed off before any new service receives live production traffic

25) What is the best description of contextual inquiry?

  • A. The product team observes users who use the application in their natural environment.
  • B. The product team interviews users on the use of the application at home.
  • C. The product team studies users during the user acceptance test in a special room with test equipment.
  • D. The product team asks users to respond to an application demonstration by the product team.

26) What approach can be used by a Development team to aid in the delivery of expected business outcomes?

  • A. Hypothesis-driven development
  • B. SDLC
  • C. Full regression testing
  • D. Careful execution of numerous experiments

27) What else must be included in a good pull request?

  • A. The potential risks and countermeasures of implementing the fix
  • B. The business units impacted by the fix
  • C. The supporting release schedule for implementing the fix
  • D. none

28) "The developer walks through the code while a colleague gives feedback." Which review technique is described here?

  • A. Pair programming
  • B. Over-the-shoulder
  • C. Peer review
  • D. Tool-assisted review

29) Which review technique results directly in a decrease in coding errors?

  • A. Over-the-shoulder review
  • B. Peer review
  • C. Pair programming
  • D. Tool-assisted review

30) "A cloud service provider wants to increase the capacity of their service by using a Simian Army Monkey" Which Monkey is needed in this case?

  • A. Latency Monkey
  • B. Janitor Monkey
  • C. Doctor Monkey
  • D. None

31) What is required when creating resilience by injecting production failures?

  • A. Using a test environment
  • B. Organizing post mortem meetings
  • C. Training the people
  • D. Defining the failure mode

Devops Online Test Questions (Devops FAQs)

1) What is devops?

DevOps which can be defined as development and operation is the combination of tools and practices that helps an organization to deliver its services and applications much faster than the traditional software development and management processes.

2) What is devops engineer average salary?

DevOps engineer earns around 3.6 LPA initially and it ranges up to 11 LPA.

3) Where can I get devops certification?

You can get DevOps certification from these:

  • Docker Certified Associate
  • Kubernetes Certification
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam
  • Azure DevOps Solution Certification Exam
  • Puppet Professional Certification
  • Architecting With Google Cloud Platform
  • Free DevOps Course

4) List some benefits of DevOps?

Some benefits of DevOps are:

  • Improved operational support and faster fixes.
  • Faster delivery of features.
  • More stable operating environments.
  • Improved communication and collaboration.
  • More time to innovate
  • Good processes across IT and teams, including automation.

5) What is ElectricFlow?

ElectricFlow is a platform used by many organizations to deploy automate, release orchestration, and DevOps insights to deliver better software faster.

6) What is azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is a Software as a service platform that provides development services for support teams to plan work, collaborate on code development, and build and deploy applications.

7) What are benefits of automation in devops?

The benefits of automation in DevOps are:

  • Shorter Development Cycle.
  • Increased Release Velocity.
  • Improved Defect Detection.
  • Reduced Deployment Failures and Rollbacks.
  • Reduced Time to Recover upon Failure.

8) List some popular tools for DevOps?

Some popular tools for DevOps are:

  • Git- Code, Build.
  • Gradle- Build.
  • Selenium- Test.
  • Jenkins- Build, Test, Deploy.
  • Puppet- Deploy, Operate.
  • Chef- Deploy, Operate.
  • Docker- Build, Deploy, Operate.
  • Kubernetes- Build, Deploy, Operate.

9) What is Git Bisect?

git bisect command uses a binary search algorithm that is used to find which commit in your project's history introduced a bug.

10) What is AWS CloudFormation?

AWS CloudFormation is a service that helps the developers and businesses in an easy way to create a collection of related AWS and third-party resources, and provision and managing them in an orderly and predictable fashion in very little time.

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