Cyber Security MCQ

Cyber Security MCQ

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Cyber security MCQ with Answers

Following are mostly asked Cyber security MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Cyber security online test before appearing to you real interview. This Cyber security quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Cyber security with four options.

1) _________ framework made cracking of vulnerabilities easy like point and click.

  • A. Net
  • B. Zeus
  • C. Ettercap
  • D. Metasploit

2) Which of this Nmap do not check?

  • A. on what OS they are running
  • B. what kind of firewall is in use
  • C. what type of antivirus is in use
  • D. on what OS they are running

3) Which of this Nmap do not check?

  • A. on what OS they are running
  • B. what type of antivirus is in use
  • C. services different hosts are offering
  • D. what kind of firewall is in use

4) __________ is a debugger and exploration tool.

  • A. Netdog
  • B. Tcpdump
  • C. Netcat
  • D. BackTrack

5) _____________ helps in protecting corporate data, communications and other assets.

  • A. Wireshark
  • B. Snort
  • C. Burp Suit
  • D. CipherCloud
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6) Network Stumbler is a Windows Wi-Fi monitoring tool.

  • A. True
  • B. False

7) Wireshark is a ____________ tool.

  • A. network connection security
  • B. network protocol analysis
  • C. connection analysis
  • D. defending malicious packet-filtering

8) Which of the following do not comes under security measures for cloud in firms?

  • A. Antivirus
  • B. Encryption
  • C. Load Balancer
  • D. Firewall

9) Which of the following is an example of physical layer vulnerability?

  • A. Keystroke & Other Input Logging
  • B. Route spoofing
  • C. MAC Address Spoofing
  • D. Weak or non-existent authentication

10) TCP/IP is composed of _______ number of layers.

  • A. 4
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 5

11) There are __________ different versions of IP popularly used.

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 2
  • D. 5

12) Data leakage is popularly known as ___________

  • A. low and slow data theft
  • B. data crack
  • C. data theft
  • D. slow data theft

13) Which of them is an example of physical data leakage?

  • A. Phishing
  • B. MiTM
  • C. Dumpster diving
  • D. DDoS

14) Which of the following is not a step of data-loss prevention?

  • A. Manage
  • B. Classify
  • C. Identify
  • D. Discover

15) Spywares can be used to steal _______________ from the attacker’s browser.

  • A. company details
  • B. plug-ins used
  • C. browsing history
  • D. browser details

16) Which of them is not a scanning methodology?

  • A. Identifying of services
  • B. Identifying the malware in the system
  • C. Check for live systems
  • D. Check for open ports

17) Which of them do not comes under NETBIOS information?

  • A. Name of the system / PC
  • B. MAC address
  • C. RAM space
  • D. Workgroup name

18) Which 2 protocols are used in the Transport layer of the TCP/IP model?

  • A. TCP and UDP
  • B. UDP and HTTP
  • C. HTTP and TCP
  • D. ICMP and HTTP

19) Why would a hacker use a proxy server?

  • A. To create a stronger connection with the target.
  • B. To hide malicious activity on the network.
  • C. To create a ghost server on the network.
  • D. To obtain a remote access connection.

20) What is the sequence of a TCP connection?

  • B. SYN-ACK

21) Why would a ping sweep be used?

  • A. To identify live systems
  • B. To identify open ports
  • C. To locate live systems
  • D. To locate firewalls

22) A packet with no flags set is which type of scan?

  • A. IDLE
  • B. XMAS
  • C. NULL
  • D. TCP

23) Why would HTTP Tunneling be used?

  • A. . Web activity is not scanned
  • B. HTTP is a easy protocol to work with
  • C. To identify proxy servers
  • D. To bypass a firewall

24) Services running on a system are determined by _____________.

  • A. The system’s IP address.
  • B. The port assigned
  • C. The system’s network name
  • D. The Active Directory

25) What are the types of scanning?

  • A. Passive, active, and interactive
  • B. Server, client, and network
  • C. Port, network, and services
  • D. Network, vulnerability, and port

26) Keyloggers are a form of ______________.

  • A. Social engineering
  • B. Shoulder surfing
  • C. Spyware
  • D. Trojan

27) Which form of encryption does WPA use?

  • A. AES
  • B. TKIP
  • C. Shared key
  • D. LEAP

28) Which database is queried by Whois?

  • A. ARIN
  • B. APNIC
  • C. ICANN
  • D. DNS

29) Which of them is not an example of physical data leakage?

  • A. dumpster diving
  • B. shoulder surfing
  • C. printers and photocopiers
  • D. phishing

30) _____________ focuses on the detection & prevention of sensitive data exfiltration and lost data.

  • A. Data stolen software
  • B. Data loss measurement
  • C. Data loss prevention
  • D. Data leak prevention

31) You can attain a series of IP addresses allotted to a particular company using __________ site.

  • A. https://www.goipaddr.net/
  • B. https://www.ipip.com/
  • C. https://www.ipdata.org/
  • D. https://www.arin.net/

32) Using spyware is an example of _________ type of information gathering.

  • A. active & passive
  • B. active
  • C. passive
  • D. non-passive

33) The ______________ intelligence gathering is non-interfering & subtle in nature.

  • A. competitive
  • B. cognitive
  • C. cyber
  • D. concrete

34) Ping sweep is also known as ________________

  • A. ICMP Call
  • B. IGMP Sweep
  • C. ICMP pinging
  • D. ICMP Sweep

35) Which of them is not a standard flag used in TCP communication between client and server?

  • A. Start
  • B. Acknowledgment
  • C. Synchronize
  • D. Finish

36) Which of the following is not a valid scanning method?

  • A. Xmas Tree scan
  • B. SYN Stealth scan
  • C. Cloud scan
  • D. Null Scan

37) Which of them is not a major way of stealing email information?

  • A. Stealing cookies
  • B. Password Phishing
  • C. Reverse Engineering
  • D. Social Engineering

38) Which of the following is not an email related hacking tool?

  • A. Email Finder Pro
  • B. Mail Password
  • C. Sendinc
  • D. Mail PassView

39) Which of the following is not an advantage of dictionary attack?

  • A. Very fast
  • B. Time-saving
  • C. Easy to perform
  • D. Very tough and inefficient

40) Brute force attack is ______________

  • A. slow
  • B. complex to understand
  • C. fast
  • D. inefficient

41) Which of the following tool is used for Blackjacking?

  • A. BBAttacker
  • B. Blackburried
  • C. BBProxy
  • D. BBJacking

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