Autosar Interview Questions

Autosar Interview Questions

1) What is autosar?

AUTOSAR is an open and standardized automotive software architecture, which supports standardization in interfaces between application software and basic vehicular functions and it helps in establishing common ECU software architecture for all the AUTOSAR members.

2) What is autosar full form?

The full form of AUTOSAR is Automotive Open System Architecture.

3) What is Autosar ECU Extract?

The ECU extract is an operation extracts all the relevant data that is associated with one EcuInstance from a system description to a new package (ECUEctractPackage). You can select an EcuInstance by using the browser, or a specific tree form.

4) List some uses of autosar?

AUTOSAR is an open system architecture to support automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to improve ECU software quality, reduce development costs, and avoid re-development of similar ECU software components repeatedly for the same vehicular applications. It is a growing and evolving standard defining a layered architecture for software.

5) What is ComStack?

ComStack stands for Communication Stack. In the AUTOSAR layered architecture, Communication Stack or ComStack facilitates vehicle network communication. In other words, ComStack can be defined as a software stack that provides communication services to the basic software modules and application Layer/application Software. AUTOSAR Communication Stack is a part of the BSW (Basic Software).

6) Explain the autosar architecture?

The AUTOSAR’s architecture is made of three main layers which are

  • Application Layer
  • Runtime Environment (RTE)
  • Basic Software (BSW)

7) What is autosar meta model?

A metamodel is a precise definition of the constructs and rules needed for creating semantic models . AUTOSAR defines the reference architecture and methodology for the development of automotive software systems, and provides the language (meta- model) for their architectural models. It also specifies the architectural modules and functionality of the middleware layer known as the basic software.

8) What is AUTOSAR MCAL?

MCAL stands for Microcontroller Abstraction Layer. It is a software module that has direct access to all the on-chip MCU peripheral modules and external devices,which are mapped to memory.

9) What is basic software in autosar?

Basic Software is the standardized software layer, which provides services to the AUTOSAR Software Components and is necessary to run the functional part of the software. It does not fulfill any functional job itself and is situated below the AUTOSAR RTE (Runtime Environment).

10) What is CAN Protocol?

CAN protocol is a method of communication between electronic devices embedded in a vehicle, such as the engine-management systems, active suspension, central locking, air conditioning, airbags, etc.

11) What is the role of RTE in AUTOSAR?

Autosar RTE is a middleware between the AUTOSAR application layer and the lower layers. Basically, the RTE layer manages the inter- and intra-ECU communication between application layer components as well as between the BSW and the application layer.

12) What is AUTOSAR Blockset?

AUTOSAR Blockset provides apps and blocks for developing AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive software using Simulink® models.You can design and map Simulink models to software components using the AUTOSAR Component Designer app. Alternatively,

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