Artificial Intelligence MCQ

Artificial Intelligence MCQ

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Artificial Intelligence MCQ

Following are mostly asked Artificial intelligence MCQ test that are designed for professionals like you to crack you interviews. You can take this Artificial intelligence online test before appearing to you real interview. This Artificial intelligence quiz there are around 30+ multiple choice questions on Artificial intelligence with four options.

1) What stage of the manufacturing process has been described as "the mapping of function onto form"?

  • A. Distribution
  • B. project management
  • C. None of the above
  • D. Design

2) What is another type of Default reasoning?

  • A. Bitonic reasoning
  • B. Analogical reasoning
  • C. Monotonic reasoning
  • D. Non-monotonic reasoning

3) Which of the following could be the approaches to Artificial Intelligence?

  • A. Strong Artificial Intelligence
  • B. Weak Artificial Intelligence
  • C. Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • D. All of the mentioned

4) Programming a robot by physically moving it through the trajectory you want it to follow is called:

  • A. contact sensing control
  • B. robot vision control
  • C. pick-and-place control
  • D. continuous-path control

5) In a rule-based system, procedural domain knowledge is in the form of:

  • A. rule interpreters
  • B. meta-rules
  • C. control rules
  • D. production rules

6) A computer program that contains expertise in a particular domain is called an:

  • A. automatic processor
  • B. intelligent planner
  • C. operational symbolizer
  • D. expert system

7) Claude Shannon described the operation of electronic switching circuits with a system of mathematical logic called:

  • A. LISP
  • B. XLISP
  • C. neural networking
  • D. Boolean algebra

8) Ambiguity may be caused by:

  • A. syntactic ambiguity
  • B. unclear antecedents
  • C. multiple word meanings
  • D. All are Correct

9) Visual clues that are helpful in computer vision include:

  • A. depth and texture
  • B. Colour
  • C. Motion
  • D. All are Correct

10) Which approach to speech recognition avoids the problem caused by the variation in speech patterns among different speakers?

  • A. Connected word recognition
  • B. Isolated word recognition
  • C. Continuous speech recognition
  • D. Speaker-dependent recognition

11) A network with named nodes and labeled arcs that can be used to represent certain natural language grammars to facilitate parsing.

  • A. Star Network
  • B. Tree Network
  • C. Complete Network
  • D. Transition Network

12) In LISP, the atom that stands for "False" is

  • A. t
  • B. y
  • C. time
  • D. nil

13) The "Turing Machine" showed that you could use a/an _____ system to program any algorithmic task.

  • A. binary
  • B. recursive
  • C. semantic
  • D. electro-chemical

14) The Newell and Simon program that proved theorems of Principia Mathematica was:

  • A. General Problem Solver
  • B. Elementary Perceiver
  • C. Boolean Algebra
  • D. Logic Theorist

15) Which is the first AI programming language?

  • B. IPL(Inductive logic programming)
  • C. BASIC
  • D. LISP

16) A model of language consists of the categories which does not include?

  • A. Language units
  • B. Role structure of units
  • C. System constraints
  • D. Structural units

17) What is a Cybernetics?

  • A. Study of communication between two machines
  • B. Study of communication between two humans
  • C. Study of Boolean values
  • D. Study of communication between human and machine

18) What is a heuristic function?

  • A. A function whose return type is nothing
  • B. A function which takes parameters of type string and returns an integer value
  • C. A function to solve mathematical problems
  • D. A function that maps from problem state descriptions to measures of desirability

19) The initial state and the legal moves for each side define the __________ for the game.

  • A. Search Tree
  • B. State Space Search
  • C. Forest
  • D. Game Tree

20) What is the complexity of minimax algorithm?

  • A. Space - bm and time - bm
  • B. Time - bm and space - bm
  • C. Same as BFS
  • D. Same as of DFS

21) How many successors are generated in backtracking search?

  • A. 2
  • B. 3
  • C. 4
  • D. 1

22) _______________ Is an algorithm, a loop that continually moves in the direction of increasing value - that is uphill.

  • A. Up-Hill Search
  • B. Hill algorithm
  • C. Reverse-Down-Hill search
  • D. Hill-Climbing

23) What is the expansion if PEAS in task environment?

  • A. Perceiving, Environment, Actuators, Sensors
  • B. Peer, Environment, Actuators, Sense
  • C. None of the mentioned
  • D. Performance, Environment, Actuators, Sensors

24) To which depth does the alpha-beta pruning can be applied?

  • A. 10 states
  • B. 6 States
  • C. 8 States
  • D. Any depth

25) First Order Logic is also known as ___________

  • A. First Order Predicate Calculus
  • B. Quantification Theory
  • C. Lower Order Calculus
  • D. All of the mentioned

26) How many logical connectives are there in artificial intelligence?

  • A. 4
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 5

27) What is Hyponymy relation?

  • A. A is part of B
  • B. B has A as a part of itself
  • C. A is superordinate of B
  • D. A is subordinate of B

28) Following is/are the components of the partial order planning.

  • A. Causal Links
  • B. Goal
  • C. Bindings
  • D. All of the mentioned

29) LISP was created by?

  • A. John McCarthy
  • B. Alan Turing
  • C. Marvin Minsky
  • D. Allen Newell and Herbert Simon

30) Which search method takes less memory?

  • A. Breadth-First search
  • B. Optimal search
  • C. Depth-First Search
  • D. Linear Search

Artificial Intelligence Online Test Questions (Artificial Intelligence FAQs)

1) What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one computer science wide-ranging branch that is associated with creating the smart machines which are designed for performing the tasks that need human intelligence.

2) Who is the father of artificial intelligence?

Ohn McCarthy in 2006 became the father of artificial intelligence before his death. He focused on studying while also working like fisherman, carpenter and even the inventor.

3) List some application of artificial intelligence?

Below are the some applications of artificial intelligence

  • Chatbots
  • Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce
  • AI to Improve Workplace Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • AI in Healthcare
  • Intelligent Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Sports betting Industry

4) What are AI neural networks?

It is one kind of component of artificial intelligence which stimulates the human brain functioning. The processing units often make by the AI neural networks insisting of the outputs and inputs.

5) What is hybrid Bayesian network?

Hybrid Bayesian network is made with empirical Bayesian network performance. The structure learning for creating the Bayesian network retains the ability of classification in the presence of the data which is missing in test case and training.

6) What is a heuristic function?

It is also known as the heuristic which is a function remaking the alternative while looking for the algorithms at every branching step depending on the data which is available for understanding which is branch to be followed.

7) What Is Tensorflow?

It is one open-source platform which is an end to end one for machine learning. This has a flexible yet comprehensive ecosystem of tools, community resources, and libraries that allows the researchers push the ML state-of-the-art.

8) What Is Supervised Learning?

This is one machine learning task to learn about the function that maps the input with that of an output depending on the example of input output pairing.

9) What is state space in artificial intelligence?

It is one way that is used in the computer science field which includes the artificial intelligence (AI) in which the states of an instance and successive configurations which is considered with intention to find the goal state with a desired area.

10) What are different types of Artificial Intelligence?

Reactive machines, Limited memory, Theory of mind, and Self-awareness are different types of Artificial Intelligence.

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