Apache Solr Interview Questions

Apache Solr Interview Questions

  • Shom Das
  • 14th Jun, 2022

About Apache Solr

Solr is an enterprise-search platform presented by the Apache Lucene project. Apache Solr acts as a standalone full-text search server and is widely used for enterprise search and analytics across the world. Solr was created by Yonik Seeley in the year 2004, at CNET networks. Apache Solr is written in Java programming language and provides the facility of distributed search and index replication. Thus Solr comes up as a highly scalable and fault-tolerant platform.

Apache Solr Interview Questions

1) What is Apache SOLR?

Apache Solr stands for Searching On Lucene w/ Replication, is a free open source search engine used for searching and indexing multiple sites and return recommendations for related content based on the searched query.

2) What is solr indexing?

Solar indexing means adding content to an index such that it can be searched by Solr.

3) Where are document fields defined in solr?

A Solr Document is the unit of search and index which is consists of one or more Fields such that a Document represents the row and Field represents the column.

4) What is difference between solr and elasticsearch?

Solr is an open-source search platform used for creating standard search applications such that no massive indexing and no real-time updates are required.

Elasticsearch is also an open-source and distributed architecture aimed at building modern real-time search applications.

5) What is index in Apache solr?

An index is a collection of Documents that can accept data from many different sources, including XML files, CSV files, data extracted from tables, and files in common file formats such as Microsoft Word or PDF.

6) Which solr file contains configuration for data directory?

Solrcore contains configuration for the data directory.

7) Enlist major features of Apache Solr?

Major features of Apache Solr are :

  • Advanced Full-Text Search Capabilities
  • Optimized for High Volume Traffic
  • Standards-Based Open Interfaces - XML, JSON, and HTTP
  • Comprehensive Administration Interfaces
  • Easy Monitoring
  • Highly Scalable and Fault-Tolerant
  • Flexible and Adaptable with easy configuration
  • Near Real-Time Indexing

8) What is SolrCloud?

SolrCloud is a highly flexible and distributed data processing engine used to set up a cluster of Solr servers that combines fault tolerance to enhance indexing and search capabilities.

9) What is Faceting in Solr?

Solr's faceting is used for the classification of the search results into various categories. The faceting command returns a count for unique terms for a field.

10) What is phonetic filter in Solr?

The Phonetic Matching filter is used for the identification of similar names, even if they are spelled differently or in different languages.

11) What is syntax is used to start/stop Solr?

"$ bin/solr start [-f] [-c] [-h hostname] [-p port] [-d directory] [-z zkHost] [-e example] [-s solr.solr.home] [-t solr.data.home] [-a "additional-options"] [-V]" is the syntax is used to start Solr.

"$ bin/solr stop [-k key] [-p port] [-all] [-V]" is the syntax is used to stop Solr.

12) Describe the various building blocks of Apache Solr?

The various building blocks of Apache Solr are:

  • Request Handler
  • Search Component
  • Query Parser
  • Response Writer
  • Analyzer/Tokenizer
  • Update Request Processor

13) What is SolrJ?

SolrJ is an API used for applications written in Java or any language based on the JVM to talk to Solr.

14) What is Apache Lucene?

Apache Lucene is a java based text search engine library used by any application that requires full-text search.

15) What is Highlighting in solr?

Solr's Highlighting allows fragments of documents that match the user's query to be included with the query response.

16) What is Faceting in Solr?

Solr's faceting is used for the classification of the search results into various categories. The faceting command returns a count for unique terms for a field.

17) What are streaming expressions in Apache Solr?

Streaming Expressions is a powerful stream processing language for Solr Cloud. Streaming expressions are a suite of functions that can be combined to achieve parallel computational tasks.

18) What are the different types of highlighters?

There are four types of highlighters :

  • Unified Highlighter
  • Original Highlighter
  • FastVector Highlighter
  • The Postings Highlighter

19) What is use of stats.field?

stats.field specifies a field for which statistics should be generated.

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