Wordpress Interview Questions

Wordpress is online content management system written in PHP scripting language. It free to use and download. Wordpress is released under GPLv2+ licence and can be used with MySQL or MariaDB databases.If you are Wordpress Developers and looking for resources to crack an interview on Wordpress then you can visit on the following links.
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    40 Best Wordpress Developer Interview Questions ( onlineinterviewquestions.com )

    Posted By: Afzal 2 years ago
    On the internet, Wordpress is one of the most frequently used Content management systems. It is easy to install and use. Using WordPress you can create any type of website but is widely used for creating blogs. Here in this post author had listed the best 40 Wordpress Developer Interview Questions for preparing and clearing the Wordpress interviews.
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    Wordpress interview questions Javatpoint ( javatpoint.com )

    Posted By: Jai Prakash 2 years ago
    Javatpoint has collected the best 56 interview questions for freshers and experienced candidates who are preparing for WordPress job interviews. These questions are written in simple language and easily understandable by anyone.
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    Wordpress Interview Questions - Upgrade Your skills to Next level ( courseya.com )

    Posted By: Bhagat 2 years ago
    All of us know WordPress is one of the widely used and popular content management systems. It is written PHP and very easy to learn, even a person with non-IT background and easily install and create website blogs and shopping applications in WordPress. Many people want to become a WordPress developer and join the IT industry. This set of WordPress interview questions test you WordPress knowledge and lets you know how much you are prepared for real-world interviews.