PHP Interview Questions

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language. PHP is among one of the most popular programming languages in the World Wide Web. This server side programming language is highly flexible and loaded with many innovative features to create Dynamic websites. With PHP, you can simply build a website that is interactive for visitors to your site. There are many people that are programmers that can create PHP forms for their website without a generator, but not everyone can do. Some of the best examples of websites that are actually written in PHP are Facebook, Wikipedia, Quora, Google etc.
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    100 Best PHP Interview Questions to Prepare ( )

    Posted By: Deepa 2 years ago
    Read the best 100 interview questions and answers on PHP programming language. These questions are taken from various sources of the internet like StackOverflow, Github, Quora and other development and recruitment websites.
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    PHP Interview Questions & Answers ( )

    Posted By: Surendra 2 years ago
    This PHP interview series designed is to provide the knowledge of basic and advanced concepts on PHP. Here you read answers of questions like Difference Between Sessions and Cookies, PHP File Operations, Types of Errors in PHP and more
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    Top PHP and Laravel Interview Questions and Answers ( )

    Posted By: Sharad 2 years ago
    This course is created for the student who is trying to make their career in PHP and want to prepare for the interview and pass it successfully.
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    PHP interview questions for 5 year experienced candidates ( )

    Posted By: Arjun 2 years ago
    PHP is one the most popular server side scripting languages that allow developers to create dynamic website.Our PHP interview questions tutorial will help you to crack interview on PHP scripting language easily.
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    Online Interview MCQ Questions Answers ( )

    Posted By: Jackson mark 39 minutes ago
    Read best Interview Questions for fresher and job seekers. If You Learn an Online Interview Question candidate cracks the Interview