PhoneGap Interview Questions Resourses List.

Phone Gap is a hybrid mobile development framework by Adobe System. Phone Gap uses open source technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript to create Mobile Apps.
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    10 Phone Gap Questions for your next Hybrid Mobile App Development Interview ( )

    Posted By: Devida 2 years ago
    Refined List of 10 Questions and answers on PhoneGap that help you to crack a Hybrid Mobile App developer Job Interview. Questions are never a good way to test a developer's knowledge but if you have these days companies see how well you have knowledge of technology on that you are working on. So along with practical knowledge, we recommend reading these theoretical questions on PhoneGap
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    PhoneGap interview questions For Freshers & Experienced ( )

    Posted By: Kriti 2 years ago
    PhoneGap is a new platform that I just recently bumped into in an Adobe Refresh 2012 event. I was impressed with how easy it is to build your HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and convert it into a mobile and tablet application. Read best Phone gap interview questions on Interview Queries