Best Phantomjs Interview Questions and Answer Preparation Resources

PhantomJS is a headless Web Kit scriptable JavaScript library with a JavaScript API. It has very fast and native support for various web standards such as DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG. Phantom JS can also be used to take screenshots of any website; those screenshots can be used and rendered in different formats also. Let's now spin up a basic javascript script that takes screenshots of a website. PhantomJS is not usable or not suitable when it comes to surfing the web, it has a whole set of features that developers love to develop application and use for many purposes. PhantomJS is used by many companies in order to deliver their comitments, you may also used the product and have wondered how it was built. Just for an example, Media Queries (source of inspiration for responsive websites) takes a link, checks if the website is responsive, and shows a preview of the website using different screen sizes. The site was made possible thanks to PhantomJS.