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Lisp (List Processing) is a very high level programming language whose syntax is related on the lambda calculus. In fact, the real name LISP was an acronym for LIST Processing. It's essentially used as a practical mathematical notation for computer programs. LISP represents the operands and operations inside the paranthesis. For example (+5(- 9 2)) stands for 5+9-2. It uses list of structures to represent data’s because program and data’s uses same structure. LISP is a usually used programming language for Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is designed for easy manoeuvring of data strings. Lisp (List Processing) is second-oldest high-level programming language after FORTRAN.
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    14 Lisp Programming interview Questions ( )

    Posted By: Deepa 2 years ago
    Lisp is dynamic and strongly typed second-oldest high-level programming language mostly used for artificial intelligence (AI) programming. Here you can read some good questions series on Lisp Programming with answers.
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    Lisp Programming Interview Questions ( )

    Posted By: Jai Prakash 2 years ago
    Lisp is the second-oldest programming language after Fortran and mostly used in Artificial Intelligence.It supports both Scalar datatypes and Data Structures. Here we have collected some frequently asked Lisp Programming Interview Questions.
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    20 Questions on Lisp you must read be before interview ( )

    Posted By: Atul 2 years ago
    Lisp is second oldest programming language after Fortran. If you got an interview call where you have to work on lIsp or Ai then you can go through with these questions. It will definitely he;p you to enhance or give a quick revise to important concepts of lisp programming
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    Few Common Lisp Interview Questions to brush your knowledge ( )

    Posted By: Coderbyte 2 years ago
    Prepare some good questions on Lisp interview for desired Common Lisp jobs. These Lisp interview questions help you to brush your Lisp knowledge at time before interview. Questions like lisp full form, lisp hello world, common lisp vs scheme, applications of lisp and many more questions.